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“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”

Matthew 28:19-20

As Christians, we hold dearly the Word of God and making disciples. As business people and stewards of what He has given us, we include economics in our mission giving decisions.

Missionary Cost-Effectiveness

The following are conclusions from a study on American missionary cost-effectiveness in India with eight mission organizations having over 10,000 American foreign missionaries compared to national mission organizations. The 8 most salient realities revealed from a...

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Haiti: Short-term “mission trips” providing labor

While in Florida in February 2011, I flew to Haiti for five days. I went with Partners Worldwide to consult with Haitian businesses to help them grow. With 80% unemployment, additional jobs are critical. I hoped some of my experiences would be of help to these...

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Missions Giving: 10x Return

Here is a short list of possible overseas mission agencies that can increase results many times over most short- and long-term American missionaries for the cost and effectiveness of nationals over Americans. In deciding where to give, one must look at the goals or...

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Learning From My Short Term Trips

One of my mentors told me something I always remembered. It was that I should not expect to do much good on a short term assignment.


Learning From Others

We have learned much from reading and from others invested in missions including books by authors such as Bob Findley.